The truth about tornadoes

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Tornadoes as a Dream Symbol

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Dreams About Tornadoes

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Tornado Myths

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Natural Disaster Hotspot: Preparing For The Unexpected

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Why does God allow tornadoes, tragedy and suffering?

Leaders in the winter Dec thru Feb delete to be more dangerous since they statistically move later than they do during tornado season. Tornado intensity based on funnel size - A dangerous myth is the size (width) of a tornado's funnel is a way to asses it's intensity.

Over the past 6 decades there have been more than + violent tornados (F4/EF4+) with just a maximum width of feet. The honest "truth" is that no one knows what effect global warming is having on tornado intensity.

Tornado records are not accurate enough to tell whether tornado intensity has changed over time. A tornado near Birmingham, Alabama took out a siren on April 8, With smartphones and text alerts, some say sirens are becoming a thing of the past.

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Tornado Intensity Rating System The intensity of tornadoes is defined according to the Fujita Scale (or F scale), which ranges from F0 to F6 as outlined below.

The truth about tornadoes
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