Local literature about the effect of cell phones

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Smartphone use before bedtime might impact sleep, and daytime tiredness

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Teens and Mobile Phones

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Teens and Mobile Phones

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Effects of Mobile Phones on Students

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The effects of integrating mobile devices with teaching and learning on students' learning performance: A meta-analysis and research synthesis and mobile phones have become a learning tool with great potential in both classrooms and outdoor learning.

The only difference was mobile-device usage. Thus, the inherent effects of mobile.

Effects of Mobile Phones on Students

Teens and Mobile Phones Introduction: Why study mobile phones? By.

Chapter II: Review of Related Literature

Introduction and background. Previous research on cell phones and teens. Thanks to Fred Stutzman for his excellent literature review of this area.

The effects of integrating mobile devices with teaching and learning on students' learning performance: A meta-analysis and research synthesis (PDAs), tablet personal computers (PCs), cell phones, and e-book readers. This large amount of computing power and portability, combined with the wireless communication and context sensitivity tools.

The usage of Internet enabled mobile phones is a 21st century experience which covers various operations. This research work examines phone usage and identified the effects internet enabled mobile.

What effects do mobile phones have on people’s health? Copenhagen, WHO Regional includes both studies of cell cultures and tissues (in vitro) and of laboratory animals (in vivo), as well effect of other man-made sources of electromagnetic fields, nor does it aim to develop safety.

Another study investigated whether exposure to the radiofrequency energy from cell phones affects the flow of blood in the brain and found no evidence of such an effect. The authors of these studies noted that the results are preliminary and that possible health outcomes from changes in glucose metabolism are still unknown.

Local literature about the effect of cell phones
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Introduction: Why study mobile phones? | Pew Research Center